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Sold out show in New York City!

The Immortal Guardian + Marty Friedman One Bad M.F Tour is winding down but we’re going out with a BANG! Just had a high energy SOLD OUT show at the legendary Saint Vitus club in Brooklyn, New York where we also sat down with for a video interview with their animated character Mr. Crowley. Imagine watching Space Ghost: Coast to Coast on a bad acid trip with Immortal Guardian as the guests… lol.

We had a great time and can’t wait to be back in beautiful New York! But fuck this parking situation, haha! City ordinances prevented us from parking the bus in front of the venue. That meant renting a box truck for one night to move all gear to and from the hotel. Ahh life on the road… \m/

Brooklyn, New York - Saint Vitus Show Review by Metal Insider"

"Texas progressive/power metal act Immortal Guardian opened up for Friedman as they supported their new album Age of Revolution, which released in September 2018 via M-Theory Audio. Their energy alone showed a glimpse of bands such as Riot, Helloween, Edguy, Dragonforce, and Angra, and we enjoyed every moment of it. Frontman Carlos Zema projected his voice that could make one wonder if he found a way to obtain training from the late Ronnie James Dio. While Zema continued to impress the room, Gabriel Guardian stunned the crowd as he somewhat appeared as two different people due to simultaneously playing both the guitar and keyboard. Meanwhile, bassist Thad Stevens added another unique blend to the mix as the group went into songs such as “Trail of Tears,” and “Stardust.” Hopefully, these guys will circle back to New York sooner than later."

- Metal Insider

Video Interview: M.I. Crowley caught up with Immortal Guardian on ‘Age of Revolution


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