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Gabriel Guardian MEETS Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith!!!

Gabriel had the experience of a lifetime earlier this week as he got to attend IRON MAIDEN's in southern California in addition to meeting some of the band back stage after the show! Below is Gabriel's post about the event :) UP THE IRONS!!!

"Saturday night was a dream come true! Not only was I blessed with a backstage pass to IRON MAIDEN, I got to meet Adrian Smith and he recognized me from my “Trooper” cover video!!! 🎸🎹😆

When one of your idols says you’re “very talented... and great guitar work.” You’re knees start doing this weird twitchy thing, and you start sweating a lot. 😂

They were my first big concert I ever saw when I was 12yrs old with Dio and Motörhead opening up. Inspired me to do what I do today. And now to see them STILL KICKING ASS as an adult and meet them... this is all surreal 🤯

Big thank you to my friend Maria for making this unforgettable night possible. I met Maria at Burning Man when I was playing some Maiden 🎸🎹 in a dome entertaining burners. 🤘🏻🤓🤘🏻

Life is just one big manifestation. 🙏"

-Gabriel Guardian

Make sure to catch Adrian Smith and IRON MAIDEN on tour NOW!!!

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