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Introducing the Phenomenal Metal Force: IMMORTAL GUARDIAN

Embarking on an electrifying Super Metal journey, that spans across continents and genres, IMMORTAL GUARDIAN is the explosive amalgamation of talents hailing from Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
This fierce metal quartet has carved its name into the chapters of music history, leaving a trail of blazing riffs, mind-bending guitar-keyboard solos, an amazing awe-inspiring set of remarkable melodies, all of it performed in their wake.

At the heart of this powerhouse is the Mexican-American virtuoso, Gabriel Guardian, who defies the laws of possibility by simultaneously shredding his guitar and keyboards.  His musical prowess knows no bounds, seamlessly weaving intricate melodies and harmonies that resonate with audiences worldwide. 
"Gabriel Guardian's dual-instrument wizardry is a marvel to behold, a true trailblazer of our time," 
Raves: Metal Asylum.

Fronting the band with a voice that has been hailed as a divine gift around the world is the Brazilian sensation, Carlos Zema. His vocal range and emotive delivery have earned him a place among the elite, repeatedly voted as one of the world's finest singers. 
"Zema's vocals possess an unparalleled magnetism, drawing listeners into the heart of the music," 
Lauds: Angry Metal Guy.

In the lineup is the multi-talented bassist and revered studio engineer, whose expertise behind the mixing console is as powerful as his bass-lines. This enigmatic figure infuses, every note with precision and depth, orchestrating a symphony of sound that captivates both the ear and soul.
Josh Lopez is a remarkable member of the team, elevating The Guardians to the Immortal level. 

"Epic... Holy fucking shit, man!"

Stated by: Metal Sucks

To complete the line-up, Hailing from the musical haven of Montreal, Canada, the drumming prodigy Justin Piedimonte, brings an electrifying rhythm that elevates IMMORTAL GUARDIAN's sonic landscape to new heights. 
"With drumming that's a force of nature, Justin Piedimonte propels the band's music to stratospheric levels," 

Proclaims: Nuclear Fallout Radio.

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN's signature "Super Metal" sound is an exploration of the metal spectrum, seamlessly blending elements of progressive, power, tech-death, and symphonic shred. Yet, it's their incendiary live performances that have reached an indelible mark in the metal scene, after long national touring in the USA with Marty Friedman, Exmortus and many others, they went from sharing stages with icons such as Metallica, Judas Priest and Symphony X to touring across continents as headliners, this quartet's live shows are a testament to their ability to ignite a mosh pit frenzy and melt faces in the process.
Their meteoric rise has been fueled by their unwavering determination to "spread the shred”. From the South-American headlining tours, to commanding headline stages in Russia, IMMORTAL GUARDIAN's journey has been a musical odyssey. 
The band's ingenious guerrilla marketing machine, the Immortal Guardian's "Shred Sled", made history in the South of the US, when it has taken them to major festivals like SXSW (South By Southwest), X Games, Fun Fun Fun Fest and River City Rockfest, earning accolades from and many other media outlets.

With a discography that includes the groundbreaking "Super Metal: Edition Z," then through the band's evolution, it was shaped by the legendary producer/engineer Roy Z, renowned for his work with iconic bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. 
"Roy completely molded the band's sound in the recordings," 
Recalls: Carlos Zema, "It went from water to wine."
Following the release of their 3rd ground-breaking album: "Age of Revolution," via M-Theory Audio, IMMORTAL GUARDIAN's journey escalated, with cross-country tours and support gigs for metal titans like Metal Church, Marty Friedman, and many others.

The band's 4th album: “Psychosomatic”, broke stream records and took the band to a completely new level, and as the band never cease to progress, they started headlining tours around USA and Canada, as well as international touring.
They unleash their 5th and the most anticipated album of the band’s history: ”Unite and Conquer," and here, Immortal Guardian sets a new standard for innovation.  This opus showcases a revolutionary sound, fusing heavier and more melodic elements into their "Super Metal" tapestry.  And their live show, has been known now for the full experience to be remembered, involving lasers, synchronized lights, visuals and a mind-blowing live performance.

Critics and fans alike have been captivated:

"One of the best hard rock/metal ensembles in over a decade." 
- Nuclear Fallout Radio

"Daring, deep, adventurous, poignant, and musically diverse." 
- Metal Asylum

"Epic... Holy fucking shit, man!" 
- Metal Sucks

"Absurdly skilled... a level of dexterity that borders on inhuman."
- Your Last Rites

"The most politically conscious lyrics I've heard from a power metal record." 
- Angry Metal Guy

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN's history is a testament to their unyielding passion. Founded by Gabriel Guardian in Harlingen, Texas, in the early 2000s, the band's evolution has been marked by determination and talent. Carlos Zema's inclusion in 2011 ignited a new chapter, Resulting in a creation of 5 amazing albums.
IMMORTAL GUARDIAN remains committed to their musical mission. 
Join them on this exhilarating ride and witness the conquest of sound, unity, and the relentless pursuit of musical excellence.
Stay connected with IMMORTAL GUARDIAN as they carve their name deeper into the tapestry of metal history. Unite and conquer with the guardians of Super Metal.

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