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Tearing Through Texas with Marty Friedman!!!

Immortal Guardian had the pleasure of stompin all over our old stompin’ grounds of Texas this week ending with one of the most fun shows we’ve ever had at the icon Tree’s venue in Dallas, Texas! The reception at all 4 stops were incredible and in San Antonio Carlos received some amazing fan art! Big thanks to all the fans for coming out and showing their support. We’ll always be Texas boys at heart. Yee-haw mother fuckers!!!

LIVE Footage from Trees in Dallas, TX -

- Trail of Tears (VIDEO)

- Surface (VIDEO)

- Stardust (VIDEO)

LIVE Footage from Come & Take It LIVE in Austin, TX:

- Never To Return, with saxophone solo (VIDEO)

Some amazing fan artwork from San Antonio, Texas!

Photos courtesy of Jim Wilkinson, Ricardo Romero, and Reuben Martinez.

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