A Year In Reviews…

Looking back on the reception of our FIRST full length album, AGE OF REVOLUTION. It’s been an amazing year with the release of our FIRST full length album, AGE OF REVOLUTION on M-Theory Audio. The support from all the old and new fans was tremendous and a lot of the media out there seemed to appreciate it too! Check out some of the great reviews from around the globe and know that you were part of our story in the very beginning! Thank you so much to everyone who purchased the record or some kind of merchandise. You are what keep this thing a reality for us. Keep spreading the shred and we’ll see you in 2019!

Age of Revolution Album Reviews:



“Holy fucking shit, man. Talk about epic…”

“Immortal Guardian make some seriously epic symphonic power metal that throws in elements from all over the metal spectrum. We have power metal highs and death metal screams on top of keyboards and even some djenty staccato riffs here and there. It’s a different take on epic metal and it’s definitely something that will interest you…”

“I’m not sure I’ve heard anything quite this varied before but I’ve gotta say I dig it.”

Angry Metal Guy - 4 out of 5


“Refreshingly concise and engagingly written, Age of Revolution offers more thoughtful themes and exhilarating moments than someone like Yngwie Malmsteen could ever hope to achieve.”

“Immortal Guardian uses this record as a playground to explore several tonal varieties of prog/power metal, and there isn’t a track to be found that I would not call a winner.“

“This consistent level of engagement is only possible because Immortal Guardian places strong songwriting before instrumental showmanship.”

“The strong constructions are supported by the most politically conscious lyrics I’ve maybe ever heard from a power metal record. Neither historical atrocities (“Trail of Tears”) nor sensitive, modern-day societal issues (“Hunters”) are left untouched. As IG tackles these topics head-on without ever veiling them in metaphor, the bombastic, DragonForce-like nature of the latter number feels oddly fitting and makes it one of the most intriguing power metal tracks in recent memory.”

“AoR‘s lyrics are powerfully delivered by one Carlos Zema, who—and I say this without a trace of hyperbole—may be the single most diverse vocalist to ever grace the power metal genre.”

“Drummer Cody Gilliand is an absolute machine as well, navigating the wide range of demanding material with an abundance of smoothly implemented fills and blast beats…”

“Immortal Guardian has an amazing knack for arranging dynamic compositions in such a way that there is always some melody or instrumental flourish to latch onto, resulting in an album that is supremely confident and perfectly paced. AoR is also one of a small handful of power metal albums I’ve heard this year that actually gives a shit about doing something interesting with the genre, and is currently my front-runner for power metal record o’ the year. From where I’m standing, few albums have a shot at overthrowing its standing.”

Metal Assylum - 9.5 out of 10


“Age of Revolution,” the new release from Immortal Guardian, is destined for many Best of the Year lists”

“This is Power Metal that hasn’t forgotten the Power… what Power Metal needs to sound like in 2018: smart, ferocious, melodic, inventive, lively, and all-encompassing, performed with an abundance of hypertalent.

“...Daring, deep, adventurous, poignant, relevant, international, musically diverse.”

“I’ve been a fan of Carlos Zema since his turn as lead vocalist for Outworld, and if anything, he’s upped his game for Immortal Guardian. He brings a multitude of incredible voices to the mic; most prominently focusing on his standard Power Metal Tenor-Baritone, but also sometimes raising the stakes to Halford-esque screeches, while at other time, dive-bombing into a resonant growl.”

“Gabriel is a Virtuoso - - with a capital Flying V, blending Electrical Classical styles with Power Metal and occasional Latin elements.”

“The “Age of Revolution” album is consistently good, from note 1 of the instrumental intro, straight through to the end, getting better and better as it progresses.”

“Immortal Guardian have leapt onto the Power Metal stage with “Age of Revolution.” They should lead the next generation into the future and beyond.”

Metal Temple - 10 out of 10


“Tales say astonishing power metal records only come exclusively from Europe. American power quartet IMMORTAL GUARDIAN says enough for that with their forthcoming album “Age of Revolution”. Parading complex mixtures of different musical styles, big melodies, technical rhythms and unconventional combos, this album is specifically created to blow your mind, drop your jaw and melt your face.”