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Gabriel Guardian Shreds Tesla Coils w/ ArcAttack

Gabriel Guardian and ArcAttack making music with TESLA COILS!

No amplifiers... just the sound of LIVE ELECTRICITY!!!

Bonus points for you Guardians that can guess the IMMORTAL GUARDIAN song Gabriel is playing!


Electric Guitar Controls Tesla Coils!!!

(AC/DC Thunderstruck cover by Gabriel Guardian)

That's right... Gabriel is playing AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" with real LIGHTNING BOLTS via his guitar plugged into a TESLA COIL. One of the more dangerous videos we've ever shot.

Shout out to the brilliant minds at ArcAttack and Conner Labs who headed the scientific side of this collaboration and special thanks to that metal fence that kept Gabriel alive, lol. SHARE if you're a fan of METAL or TESLA!!! 🤘🏻⚡️

Video by: Brett Rivera

Check out More from ArcAttack at their website and on Facebook!

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