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Gabriel Guardian's Trooper cover Video hits 1,000,000 views!

Big congrats to our brother Gabriel Guardian on his first of what we're sure will be many million plus viewed videos! Here's some words from the man himself on the undertaking of Iron Maiden's classic track on both guitar AND keyboard, AT THE SAME TIME!!!

"Iron Maiden is definitely one of my biggest influences of all time. I remember when i was 12 years old and I learned my first Maiden song, The Trooper! It’s pretty awesome to finally do a cover of this legendary classic as an adult. Big thanks to all my fans and everyone who has supported me by sharing my music and videos. Special shout out to my amazing sponsors for all their continued support as well as my manager and videographer for helping out with this project..."

Incase you we're wondering who played the portly grim reaper in the background, it was none other than Gabriel's older brother and Iron Maiden super fan, WALDO!!! If you're craving more Maiden after watching Gabriel's shred video, check out Waldo's Iron Maiden Fan Rockumentary produced by our manager, Brett Rivera, who also produced Gabriel's video. UP THE IRONS!

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