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Immortal Guardian / Marty Friedman US TOUR Kicks off in California!

Today Immortal Guardian made it to sunny California to meet up with Marty Friedman and his incredible band. The tour starts tonight in San Diego and we couldn’t be more excited to get this thing rolling! The bus is AMAZING and the crew is great. Should be a smooth and fun filled run. Time to melt some faces and bring our new album “Age of Revolution” to the masses! * FUN FACT -- We had originally planned to cover Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in it’s entirety every night as part of our set but had to cut it before the first show upon walking into Marty Friedman’s rehearsal and hearing that it was part of a medley in his set! We decided to readjust by having Gabriel do his Metal Mozart arrangement every night with the band! Catch it LIVE coming to a city near you!

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