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Immortal Guardian @ NAMM - Kiesel Guitars, Peavey, Headrush, EMG Pickups, Alesis, and MORE!

It’s been a whirlwind of a first couple of days and now we get to amplify it with the insanity of NAMM!!! LETS DO THIS!!!

We had one day to run around and see all the coolest new gear, meet with sponsors, shake hands, and best of all run into fans and friends! Biggest news from NAMM had to be the new sponsorship Gabriel picked up with PEAVEY and getting to see his photo at the Kiesel Guitars booth with his custom Aries 7 string! Big shout out to IMMORTAL GUARDIAN and GABRIEL GUARDIAN’s amazing sponsors at Kiesel Guitars, Headrush, Alesis, EMG, Peavey, ChromaCast, Neck Illusionz, Cleartone Strings, and 64 Audio! Can’t wait to see you all next year! Until then we’ll keep on using the hell out of all the gear you’ve hooked us up with! \m/

See you on the road as the tour carries on, leaving California and heading on towards Arizona and Texas!!! Dates below:

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