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What an insane experience it was during the making of Stardust. Us as a band were involved for about a week’s worth of shooting but our director and producer Andrew Gonzales and Brett Rivera collectively worked hundreds of hours to make this thing come together. Our crew was amazing and we can’t thank everyone enough for believing in this project enough to donate so much of their time and talents. We could talk all day about the amazing journey it was and hopefully one day we’ll have an official “Behind the Scenes - Making of Stardust” video, but for the time being here are some amazing still images from our great friend and set photographer, Ricardo Romero. Check out more of his work online HERE. Special thanks again to our amazing crew of Andrew Gonzales, Brett Rivera, Bella Carrijo, Kerry Young, Mark Manthey, Paula Manthey Cortez, Ricardo Romero, Woody Welch, Rusty Chapman, George, Gabriel Leal, Tyson, Aldo Caldo, David Sien, Erik Johnson, Josh Dry, Tony Lamar, and any one else involved that we forgot to mention! You all are the real stars!!!

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