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September 13, 2019

On September 11, 2019 Immortal Guardian announced their parting ways with founding member, drummer, Cody Gilliland. After an extensive online search and several auditions Immortal Guardian has found their new member in the talented Canada based drummer, Justin Piedimonte. A native of Montreal, Piedimonte has been performing in metal projects for over a decade and brings a fresh new sound to the rhythm section of Immortal Guardian.

In order to put any doubts to rest from those questioning his abilities to pull off Gilliland's parts, Justin filmed this impressive play through of Immortal Guardian’s single “Zephon” off of...

September 11, 2019

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the departure of one of our founding members, drummer/backing vocalist, Cody Gilliland...

His work with Immortal Guardian over the past 10 years will always be a big part of the bands history and we’ll forever hold on to the good times we shared. He definitely left some big shoes to fill and his work will forever be "immortalized" in the music we made together, Super Metal: Edition Z, Revolution Part I, and Age of Revolution. We wish Cody the best in his future endeavors and thank him for all his contributions and dedication to the band over the years. Here's to our paths crossing...

July 30, 2019

This is going to be a fun one. We’re basically gonna be playing metal, hanging with friends / fans, and playing video games for 2 months straight! Big thanks to Powerglove and our agent for bringing us on for this tour. Mark your calendars and get ready for a show that will melt your face and take you back to the good ol days of sitting on the couch and playing your Atari / NES / SEGA / N64 / XBOX / Playstation, whatever generation you came from. See you on the road Guardians!  

Check out some footage of Gabriel performing with PowerGlove on tour last year when he filled in on guitar duties for them. 

July 19, 2019

Check out the NEW IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Guitar Playthrough Video of Stardust by GABRIEL GUARDIAN performed on his two Kiesel Aries 7’s. Special shout out to our sponsors at Kiesel Guitars, Headrush, EMG, Neck Illusionz, and all the others that fuel our shred! If you like what you see/hear, support this band and these brands by showing patronage at the links below! \m/

Thanks to all our amazing sponsors for their continued support!

Kiesel Guitars (https://www.kieselguitars.com/)

Alesis (http://www.alesis.com/)

EMG Pickups (https://www.emgpickups.com/)

Peavey https://peavey.com/

InMusic (http://www.inmusicbrands.com/)

Cleartone Stri...

May 25, 2019

If Will Smith can play genie we don’t see why Carlos Zema couldn’t… 

Enjoy Carlos and Gabriel’s metal take on the classic Disney “Aladdin” song, Arabian Nights!

May 17, 2019

So stoked to have Kiesel Guitars release Gabriel Guardian’s Trail of Tears Playthrough video on their official channel! Big thanks to the Kiesel family and their continued support by supplying Gabriel’s tools of the shred. Jeff and his team are masters of the craft and we truly appreciate all they do for their musicians. 

Check out and purchase the guitar Gabriel is shredding in this video or one of their many other beautiful models.

6-String Model 

7-String Model 

April 9, 2019

Our manager and producer of the Stardust music video, Brett Rivera, was invited to speak at the Georgetown Film Festival this past weekend during a special screening of the video. Imagine seeing our faces on that 20 foot tall silver screen! It must have looked incredible. We were unable to attend but we thank them for including us in their awesome event. Special shout out to Tony Lamar for facilitating the whole thing and always being a strong supporter of the band. You rock brother! \m/ 


March 3, 2019

What an insane experience it was during the making of Stardust. Us as a band were involved for about a week’s worth of shooting but our director and producer Andrew Gonzales and Brett Rivera collectively worked hundreds of hours to make this thing come together. Our crew was amazing and we can’t thank everyone enough for believing in this project enough to donate so much of their time and talents. We could talk all day about the amazing journey it was and hopefully one day we’ll have an official “Behind the Scenes - Making of Stardust” video, but for the time being here are some amazing still images from our great frien...

March 1, 2019

And the MARTY FRIEDMAN / IMMORTAL GUARDIAN tour comes to an end! What an incredible experience. So many memories, so many great nights, so many new friends. All we can say is that we CAN’T WAIT to do it all again! Huge thank you to all those that made this possible starting with our manager Brett, Marco and Clay at our label M-Theory Audio, especially Clay for making the call that got us the spot, Marty Friedman, his killer band, Kiyoshi, Jordan, and George, Tour Manager Hiroshi and his assistant Helen, guitar tech Alan, drum tech Santi, and our driver Bob!

BIGGEST thanks to all the fans for their continued support, kee...

February 23, 2019

The Immortal Guardian + Marty Friedman One Bad M.F Tour is winding down but we’re going out with a BANG! Just had a high energy SOLD OUT show at the legendary Saint Vitus club in Brooklyn, New York where we also sat down with MetalInsider.net for a video interview with their animated character Mr. Crowley. Imagine watching Space Ghost: Coast to Coast on a bad acid trip with Immortal Guardian as the guests… lol.

We had a great time and can’t wait to be back in beautiful New York! But fuck this parking situation, haha! City ordinances prevented us from parking the bus in front of the venue. That meant renting a box truck f...

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