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March 1, 2019

And the MARTY FRIEDMAN / IMMORTAL GUARDIAN tour comes to an end! What an incredible experience. So many memories, so many great nights, so many new friends. All we can say is that we CAN’T WAIT to do it all again! Huge thank you to all those that made this possible starting with our manager Brett, Marco and Clay at our label M-Theory Audio, especially Clay for making the call that got us the spot, Marty Friedman, his killer band, Kiyoshi, Jordan, and George, Tour Manager Hiroshi and his assistant Helen, guitar tech Alan, drum tech Santi, and our driver Bob!

BIGGEST thanks to all the fans for their continued support, kee...

February 23, 2019

The Immortal Guardian + Marty Friedman One Bad M.F Tour is winding down but we’re going out with a BANG! Just had a high energy SOLD OUT show at the legendary Saint Vitus club in Brooklyn, New York where we also sat down with MetalInsider.net for a video interview with their animated character Mr. Crowley. Imagine watching Space Ghost: Coast to Coast on a bad acid trip with Immortal Guardian as the guests… lol.

We had a great time and can’t wait to be back in beautiful New York! But fuck this parking situation, haha! City ordinances prevented us from parking the bus in front of the venue. That meant renting a box truck f...

February 21, 2019

Now YOU too can sound like Gabriel Guardian with his BRAND NEW HeadRush ARTIST PACK! Download these killer tones TODAY and hear them LIVE ON TOUR w/ Marty Friedman!!!

Artist Pack Download: https://www.headrushfx.com/…/Gabriel-Guardian-Artist-Pack.z…

Gabriel has been rocking the HeadRush Pedalboard & Headrush Gigboard since day one and is now sharing some of his tricks. Big thanks to our friends at HeadRush and their team for working with Gabriel on this killer tone pack!

Check out the video and download the pack TODAY if you've already got a HeadRush. If not, go down to your local music store and t...

February 20, 2019

Immortal Guardian has made so many new friends and fans out here in the midwest as we work our way north! Marty Friedman’s crowds have been super supportive and really getting into the sets! Can’t thank everyone enough. Check out some fan filmed videos from our stops in Sauget, Illinois, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan as well as a stellar review + photos from our Detroit show courtesy of MetalWani.com!

GIG REVIEW by MetalWani.com

"... Next up was the amazing power-prog metal of Immortal Guardian. This band was both visually and sonically captivating. Vocalist Carlos Zema stalked the stage while drawing...

February 14, 2019

After almost a year in the making, we present to you… STARDUST!!! Biggest thanks to our amazing director / cinematographer, Andrew Gonzales, and our manager / producer of the music video, Brett Rivera, for their incredible passion and countless hours of work they put into this project. They really went all out with this one.... taking Zema from earth to space, destroying Austin, Texas with meteors, making a love scene that could win an Academy Award... You'll see in the video ;) The cast is made up entirely of friends including Kerry Young who plays The General and our guest of honor, the talented Brazilian Actress, Be...

February 5, 2019

Immortal Guardian had the pleasure of stompin all over our old stompin’ grounds of Texas this week ending with one of the most fun shows we’ve ever had at the icon Tree’s venue in Dallas, Texas! The reception at all 4 stops were incredible and in San Antonio Carlos received some amazing fan art! Big thanks to all the fans for coming out and showing their support. We’ll always be Texas boys at heart. Yee-haw mother fuckers!!! 

LIVE Footage from Trees in Dallas, TX - 

    - Trail of Tears (VIDEO)

    - Surface (VIDEO)

    - Stardust (VIDEO)

LIVE Footage from Come & Take It LIVE in Austin, TX:

   - Never To R...

February 5, 2019

Whether your a fan of football or not, here’s something we can all bang our head to. Brought to you by Gabriel, Cody, and IMMORTAL GUARDIAN... Special shout out to Academy Sports for being cool and letting us return the costumes the following day, haha! \m/ 


January 28, 2019

It’s been a whirlwind of a first couple of days and now we get to amplify it with the insanity of NAMM!!! LETS DO THIS!!!

We had one day to run around and see all the coolest new gear, meet with sponsors, shake hands, and best of all run into fans and friends! Biggest news from NAMM had to be the new sponsorship Gabriel picked up with PEAVEY and getting to see his photo at the Kiesel Guitars booth with his custom Aries 7 string! Big shout out to IMMORTAL GUARDIAN and GABRIEL GUARDIAN’s amazing sponsors at Kiesel Guitars, Headrush, Alesis, EMG, Peavey, ChromaCast, Neck Illusionz, Cleartone Strings, and 64 Audio! Can’t w...

January 25, 2019

What an EPIC way to kick off the tour! San Diego on night 1 was packed with  killer energy and the House of Blues crowd in Anaheim had to be one of the biggest we’ve ever had the pleasure of performing for! The party continues on with some quick NAMM adventures and a show in Riverside before heading out to Phoenix! See you on the road!

Get in the NAMM spirit with a throwback video to one of our first NAMM experiences in 2014!!! 


January 23, 2019

Today Immortal Guardian made it to sunny California to meet up with Marty Friedman and his incredible band. The tour starts tonight in San Diego and we couldn’t be more excited to get this thing rolling! The bus is AMAZING and the crew is great. Should be a smooth and fun filled run. Time to melt some faces and bring our new album “Age of Revolution” to the masses! 

* FUN FACT -- We had originally planned to cover Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in it’s entirety every night as part of our set but had to cut it before the first show upon walking into Marty Friedman’s rehearsal and hearing that it was part of a medley in his s...

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